Still kicking: October falls (no, not the band)

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Laura Wiebe
Laura Wiebe

My poor neglected blog…

I'm back teaching this fall – and enjoying it immensely! – but it hasn't left me with much time or mental space to write for other things or in other contexts. But since I am still alive in this crazy messed-up world, here I am – back for a moment or two and a few thoughts... and, for good measure, with a pic of an always wonderful cat.

1.  I love fall. And I especially love Halloween. It's nearly half way through the month and I don't have any decorations out yet! But I will. I have a reputation to uphold.

To my dismay, this year Halloween presents me with a terrible decision: stay home to hand out candy to the little costumed beasties or go see the amazing and incredible Leprous open for Haken in Toronto.

This may not sound like a traumatic dilemma to you, but if that's the case, then you really have no concept of how much I love Halloween and Leprous. After a great deal of agonizing, I have made a decision. Can you guess what it is?

2.  It's almost the start of NBA season! Yes, I have been watching preseason NBA games. And no, I haven't really been without basketball because I watched the WNBA season to its triumphant end, and some FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup games, and a couple of Men's Basketball qualifying games...

Regardless, it's not like October needed any help being the best month of the year but the fact that it's the month when the NBA returns – I'm so delighted!

3.  I'm not a morning person. I do not like when I'm the first person in the house to get up. But I'm trying to make peace with the pre-7:00am world.

And I am eternally grateful to kind and careful transit staff who get me where I need to go each day and for the wonderful travel mug (recommended by that keeps my coffee warm and sealed tight during my travels.

Well, that's it for now. But if you miss me (you know you do) you can still catch me on CFMU ( and you can find my monthly music selections over at (